One of the key objectives of the enterprise is the use of technologies that ensure high product quality and consistency of the production system in accordance with the principles of lean production.

Timely updating of equipment, creation of safe workplaces, advanced training of employees, continuous improvement of processes and implementation of quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015 allowed us to achieve high results in terms of plywood quality and in matters of interaction with clients.

Production facilities allow us to produce products of non-standard thicknesses and sizes to order and customer requirements.

Laminated plywood of the
FSF brand is produced
in thicknesses of 6-40 mm
and dimensions :


 brand plywood is produced
in various grades with
a thickness of 3-24 mm
and dimensions

1525х1525 1475х1525 1525х1475
1475х1475 1525х1220 1220х1525

FSF brand plywood is produced
in thicknesses of 6-40 mm
in various grades and dimensions:

1525х3050 1500х3000 1550х3075
1300х3050 1245х3075 1220х3050

The company works only on Russian raw materials.

Birch wood is supplied from:

  • Novgorod,
  • Tver,
  • Vologda,
  • Pskov
  • Arkhangelsk regions.

Production sites are automated and equipped with modern equipment, which is constantly being modernized. The company has developed and is implementing its own investment program to update its fleet of production equipment.