About the factory

Producing plywood
since 1910

Parfino Plywood Factory is the largest woodworking enterprise in the south-east of the Novgorod region

120,000 m3
Production capacity of the enterprise
550 persons
Work at the company
8 Ha
Production area of the enterprise

Mission of the company —

to provide Russian and foreign consumers with the benefits of purchasing our plywood due to its impeccable quality and provision of first-class service. Our environmentally, economically and socially responsible actions are firmly established values that determine the characteristics of the enterprise's production process, which contributes to the economic development of not only Novgorod region  but throughout Russia.

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Our plywood is a high quality engineered wood product that meets the strict requirements of Russian and international standards. The products have excellent performance properties  which is confirmed by certificates of conformity and high popularity in the market. Modern production technologies make it possible to obtain strong, durable, environmentally friendly and safe plywood.