Parfino Plywood Factory, LLCl

The largest wood processing
plant in Novgorod Region
СЛ1 - Крупнейшее деревообрабатывающее предприятие Новгородской области
Our plywood is a high quality engineered wood product that meets the strict requirements of Russian and international standards. The products have excellent performance properties which is confirmed by certificates of conformity and high popularity in the market.
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Geography of supplies

Great Britain
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History of the factory

The more than century-long history of the factory is years of formation and development, successfully overcoming difficulties, achieving high results and victories. We are proud not only of the glorious past of our native enterprise, but also of its present, associated with the working lives of many hundreds of people, our fellow countrymen, whose destinies are inextricably linked with the factory.

We are deservedly proud that the Parfin Plywood Mill is firmly on its feet, is engaged in real and extremely important production for our country, and produces demanded and high-quality products. We have our own production base, we create jobs and contribute not only to the economic development of the Novgorod region, but also to the whole of Russia.

The owner changed in 2013. A new management has come to manage the plant's staff. Business, energetic. There is complete confidence that youth and experience will contribute to overcoming all difficulties. And the rich history of the enterprise helps it. Good memory of the workers who restored their native production under the most difficult living conditions.

The economic crisis of 2009 turned into bankruptcy for the enterprise. The workers and specialists of the enterprise experienced the difficulties of this period.

On March 1, 1993, the Parfin Plywood Mill was reorganized into an open joint-stock company. Successfully passed the stages of growth of work in market conditions.

In 1953, a new sawmill was put into operation. In 1954 - woodworking, and in 1958 the production of fiberboards began. In the same year, the enterprise produced 35.5 thousand cubic meters of plywood, 198 thousand cubic meters of lumber, 109 thousand square meters of fibreboard, 99 thousand standard houses, 7 thousand cubic meters of containers, etc. Since 1960, the production of waterproof plywood BS-1 has been mastered, and in 1963 the plant switched to gluing plywood with synthetic resins. In 1980, for the first time in the post-war period, a holiday dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the enterprise was held.

In 1940, 35,000 cubic meters were produced, of which half was for export. By 1940, the total number of employees of plywood plant No. 2 reached 1252 people. And already in 1941, Russian plywood production was revived. A year later, the Tavdinsky plant produced more than 20 types of products, mainly for the needs of the front and industry. The village of Parfino was liberated from the Nazis on February 9, 1942. In 1944, the Council of People's Commissars and the State Defense Committee decided to restore plywood factory No. 2, on the basis of which to build a house-building plant.

In 1927, plywood production reached 20,000 cubic meters. At the same time, the village grows and develops. Housing construction, social infrastructure is mainly financed by the enterprise.

By that difficult time, the core of engineering and technical personnel was growing stronger.

After the attack on the USSR by fascist Germany, urgent measures were taken in the district and region to evacuate the enterprise to the rear. Over 500 Parfinian workers with their families were evacuated with the first echelons to work at plywood factories.

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Address 52 Kirova Street, Parfino, Novgorod Region, 175130, Russia
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